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5 Stars

I met Dr. Lister in 2014 to talk to him about the new Linx device. I made my way 4 hours to meet with him, he is an excellent communicator and I set up a surgery date for July 22, 2014. I could not wait to get my device and get on the road to eating again without reflux/LPR. I had a smooth experience, and I eight years later and still having great results with my device. There is nothing better than a great surgeon and staff to make the whole experience much better. I have recommended him over and over again. I am full of gratitude every day for his skills and my success with this tiny jewel of a device.

5 Stars

I had terrible stomach bloat due to acid reflux. Dr.Lister performed an EGD on me which showed I had a hernia and that the valve in my esophagus was not closing.He repaired the hernia and implanted the Linx device in 2015.The surgery was successful! I had instant relief from my acid reflux symptoms.He also removed gallbladder in 2016.I highly recommend the Linx implant and the services of Dr.Lister. He and his wife and the staff are tops!!

5 Stars

Thanks for my life back. I had been fighting acid indigestion for about 10 years, and was diagnosed with reflux about 5 years ago. I had to give up eating any spicy foods, which I love, or suffer with the pain of the reflux. My problem was that anytime a laid down, I would experience severe acid indigestion, and couldn't get a good nights sleep. I would wake up through the night with esophageal spasms and have to chew some antacids to stop them.. During the day, I would have indigestion and esophageal spasms. I was taking omeprazole every morning, it was helping some, but not all the time.
I went to Dr. Lister for a routine colonoscopy and upper GI and during the consultation he asked about my reflux. After the procedures, he did a swallow test and 24 pH test. The results showed that the acid levels in my esophagus were normal when sitting or standing, but were severely elevated when I laid down. This explained why my reflux was so bad at night. He explained that the sphincter between my esophagus and stomach had weakened and stretched out, and the procedures available to me.
They included a nissen fundoplication (full stomach wrap), partial nissen (partial wrap), the LINX procedure, or just medication. The medication route did not solve the problem, it just masked it. The two nissen procedures required an overnight stay in the hospital, longer recovery, was not reversible, and would weaken in time requiring more surgery in the future. The LINX seemed to me to be the best option, especially since my insurance would cover it.
The procedure was done as an outpatient procedure and was over quickly with total time from intake to release of about 4 hours. there were only five little incisions for the laparoscopic procedure and they healed within about two weeks. I did not experience any pain from the procedure itself.
During the recovery, I did experience some discomfort, but it was of my own doing. The post surgery instructions were to eat more slowly, take smaller bites, and chew food fully. For someone who for 60 years has always eaten quickly because I had other things to do, this was a change that would take some learning.
I was pretty good at it for the first couple of days, but then had a relapse and ate too fast. This led to not being able to swallow the food completely and led to stacking of additional bites of food. Dr. Lister said if this happened, get up and walk around, drink some warm water, and it should pass in about 15 minutes. As someone who has experienced esophageal spasms before, I would not wait more than a couple of minutes before I went into the bathroom and purged the food. I could then relax for about 10 minutes and then resume eating. Over the next 4 weeks, I experienced this again 4 or 5 times. Again my own fault as learning new behaviors takes time.
As for the foods I can eat, I have eaten Italian, Mexican, Oriental and other spicy cuisines, and suffered no indigestion or reflux. I can now sleep through the night without having to wake up to eat Tums or Rolaids to stop a spasm. I have my life back!
If you are having the same problems I was having, I would recommend that you check this out. Other than discomfort that was my own fault, there have been no cons to this procedure, only pros.

5 Stars

Thank you, Dr. Lister! My life is again wonderful.
It was 1970, I was twenty-six years old, and I already had a hiatal hernia and full-fledged GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). I was suffering daily, often non-stop, from intense heartburn, sometimes after merely drinking water. My family physician sent me to a gastroenterologist who recommended surgery.
Back then surgery meant sawing through the rib cage to access the esophagus with only a predictable 50% chance of success. My reflux was so bad that I agreed; but, prior to surgery, it was determined that I was not a good candidate. And, so, for the next 45 years I strictly adhered to a very bland diet, took almost every PPI and reflux medication on the market, slept on incline beds, developed Barrett’s Esophagus, and underwent the discomfiture of yearly endoscopies. I also had to avoid eating anything for at least four hours before going to bed or run the risk of aspirating undigested food. Many times I woke up choking and struggling to breathe, and my wife even had to rush me to the hospital in the middle of the night. My chronic reflux eventually scarred my vocal chords and significantly impaired my ability to sing, an avocation I enjoyed since childhood. I went to an otolaryngologist who performed a pharyngeal pH study on me that disclosed 284 serious reflux events within a twenty-hour period. He told me remedial measures had to be taken immediately.
Fortunately, I had just read a newspaper article about the pioneering work that Dr. Lister was doing to alleviate GERD. My gastroenterologist encouraged me to make an appointment with Dr. Lister, which I did. It was probably my wisest medical decision ever. His nurses and receptionist are like family in the congenial way they care for me, and Dr. Lister is one of the most competent, personable, and down-to-earth doctors I have known. It’s always a joy to see him. His consultations are friendly conversations in which he attentively provides relevant information, patiently listens and answers all my questions, frankly gives me his opinion and advice, but always lets me make any final decision. In the various interactions I have now had with Dr. Lister, I have never felt rushed, ignored, or belittled. He has always treated me and my concerns with dignity and respect.
The first thing Dr. Lister did for me was to perform a series of endoscopic esophageal ablations (HALO procedures) to remove the Barrett’s Esophagus. He then did laparoscopic surgery to repair my hiatal hernia and to implant the LINX device at the base of my esophagus. The results are like day and night. I am experiencing a whole new way of living! No more bland, spiceless foods. No more reflux. No more heartburn. No more PPIs. No more inclined beds. No more waking up in the middle of the night choking. No more fretting about the terrible things that can develop from untreated GERD or from taking too many PPIs. And now I can even indulge in midnight snacks without worry. It’s been two years since all this was accomplished, and the positive results have remained fully stable.
I have only one regret, and that’s that Dr. Lister and his HALO and LINX procedures were not around 45 years ago. But it’s all available to you now. There’s no reason to continue suffering. If you have chronic GERD, please do yourself a favor and contact Dr. Lister. Discuss with him your options and alternatives. As I said, making an appointment with him was probably the wisest medical decisions I have ever made.

5 Stars

Before I was seen by Dr. Lister I was suffering from gerd for over 17 years. I had tried every ppi on the market with no relief.

Dr. Lister was very knowledgeable,caring and explained in great detail the procedures on how to fix the reflux and hiatal hernia repair.

I am happy to say I no longer have gerd after my proceedure and no longer take any ppi's.
I would recommend Dr. Lister highly and he has a wonderful staff at his clinic.

5 Stars

Before meeting Dr. Lister, I had Gerd for around 7 years. The problem had become so extreme that I literally could not hold down my food. Linx changed everything for me.

I first met Dr. Lister in January (2016). The first thing I want to point out about the visit is that Dr. Lister was extremely kind and personable. It was like I was his only patient. He took the time to explain everything to me in detail and welcomed any questions that I had. Although he is extremely knowledgeable and professional, he doesn't have the clinical "doctor feel" that you get from some people that work in health care. He seems to really care.

After testing, it was determined that the Linx would be the best option for me. The surgery was set for March 21st. Everything pre and post op went great. The first few days after surgery were understandably a little rough, but now everything is 100% better. The Linx has been life changing.

Before I would literally reflux for 7-8 hours after eating. Now there is not one trace of reflux. It is almost as if I never had a problem. I also have no problem belching and no feeling of discomfort at all.

If you are thinking about seeing Dr. Lister or having a procedure, do not wait. Dr. Lister is absolutely the best doctor in Arkansas for gastrointestinal problems. You would be hard pressed to find a better doctor anywhere.

5 Stars

I met Dr. Lister in April of 2014 to discuss the linx implant I had that implant put in July 2014 it has been life changing for me, it started to work for me from the moment I awoke from surgery. I am so grateful for my quality of life now. Amazing 🙂 Dr. Lister and his staff are all warm and comforting people.

5 Stars

After many of years of Reflux (Gerd) taking every one of the medicines on the market for relief I was getting desperate for relief..One day I got a referral to Dr Lister. To my amazement he said,"Mary,let's fix you." I replied,"Are you serious?" He said, "Yes!" At age 75 I was going to get help. No one had ever suggested that any thing was available (except Scripts) to help me..I have had a real life since the surgery ...I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to eat anything I want and not sit up all night and pay a heavy price for doing so...My advice is , Do not put off getting your life back...Talk to Dr Lister and find out what can be done...I promise, You won't be sorry...Thank you, Dr Lister, You Are My Hero!!!

5 Stars

The most wonderful word in my vocabulary is TIF (Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication).
No incision-no cut-go home next day-just so wonderful. I had chronic acid reflux. I started out with medications until the pharmaceutical medications no longer helped. I ended up after doing 1 then 2 then 3 pillows to finally sleeping in a recliner NOT reclined and still had a sleepless night due to my acid reflux. Nothing worked. My sleep was now always disrupted, clearing my throat and swallowing often and so many foods that made this worse. Acid/Gerd!!! I decided to see what could be done for this much needed help.
I called Dr. Dan Lister and received an appointment from a very friendly and professional staff. Dr. Dan Lister spent time to listen to me and answer my questions and gave me the best advice to have the TIF procedure.
It has now been 4 years since Dr. Dan Lister whom I have great trust in did my TIF procedure. NOW I sleep on 1 pillow, no heartburn, no Gerd/acid reflux, no side effects and NO medications. With the TIF I am finally controlled. My satisfaction is the very best and I recommend talking to Dr. Dan Lister if you have this problem.
Because of Dr. Dan Lister I can now say
Oh what a beautiful morning
Oh what a beautiful day
Because of TIF everything is going my way
Call Dr. Dan Lister - you will be glad you did.
Carolyn Eubanks

5 Stars

I first noticed the burning some years ago; several doctors prescribed meds that worked for a time. Shortly after taking the meds I became immune to them. Something had to give and I needed results. My PCM reffered Dr. D. Lister and it was the best refferal yet! Dr. Lister is one that will listen and will give you educational facts along with his expertise. I never had a long wait to see him and his staff was out of this world friendly. If you are having issues with GERD, I strongly reccomened you see Dr. Lister immediately! No need to suffer; enjoy life and Dr. Lister can help you do that.

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